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Blog entry by Collins Emmanuel

Beginners For Absolute Starters

Beginners For Absolute Starters

Python programming for starters.

Hi Guys! It's a good day today, and I am so pleased to introduce you to the beginning of your journey towards becoming a proficient python programmer. 

Like everything in life, becoming an expert in any field is a step by step process. 

This same steps applies to a beginner who aims to be an expert in this field. 

Allow me to prepare you in advance that you will not become an expert overnight, or after a few weeks or writing codes, but this baby steps if practiced daily plus learning new things daily will get you to the point where you can start building projects and also understanding more complex codes. 

NB: Code example runs on python version 3.11 


- Download and install python from ''.

- Download any code editor of your choice, preferably visual studio code.

- Open your terminal and type the following commands. (For windows users)

> Python --version   (if you have python installed correctly on your system, then this command will show the version of installed python.)

> print('Hello World') 

It will output Hello World. 

Bravo! You've written your first python program. Now, you can delete the Hello World and type in any text of your choice in-between the quotation and parenthesis and press enter to see the output. Whatever you write in between the quotations and enclosed parenthesis is the output that you'll see.

If you get any errors then try to check if you've installed python correctly and repeat the process carefully. 

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