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Blog entry by Etim Iniekung

Catch Up, Blue/Black Spaces

Catch Up, Blue/Black Spaces

"Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act' - Uzumaki Naruto 


Interestingly, this is my first ever write-up (even though I was an editor for over 3 years in Asia a while back). 

Moving on, it's been quite interesting so far. Diving into a field that I have glimpsed now and then over the course of my life but haven't really focused on, and now, I'm fully immersed in it. It's a blessing indeed.

We wrapped up module 1 of our Cloud/Data Engineering journey with CIL Academy with a fun session where Blessing practically blew past all we had been battling for over 3 weeks (I 🤔) in under an hour - we see what you did Blessing, but we appreciate you & the team for everything (well fellow interns, let's give it some time, we'll catch up to our captains soon enough).

Did I complete all the modules? - No. Am I making progress? - Yes! I am currently on my fourth course. However, we work with the circumstances available to us while still putting in 100% because when someone has decided to invest in you ( teach you how to fish) you go PLUS ULTRA!). 

When life throws stones at you, you lay a foundation with it. PHCN (the major electricity provider in Nigeria, went 11 days without supplying electricity in my area😄). I had a good laugh over that because I am determined to see this to the end.

So far, I'm more familiar with my PC and understand networking, Bash, HTML, the OSI model, etc. I can navigate the black & blue spaces (take a guess) I previously had no idea about, and can use VS Code to run Bash commands (had some help from a nice guy in our slack channel), and just looked at the (Get-) commands of PowerShell. 

I'd say my technical ability has been improving. 

Hopefully, I can update this periodically. My colleagues will drop the technicalities (please read their writeups, they dropped gems).

Next week promises new possibilities but I work with this, "Keep pushing". 

The Japanese have a term, IKIGAI. Look it up. It's something worth pondering over.

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